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iOS 5: What we didn't get

We heard about plenty of new features in iOS 5 today at the WWDC keynote, but there were a few features that we didn't get.

Apple unveiled iOS 5 today at the company's 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference to much fanfare. iOS 5 boasts 200 new features, 10 of which were demonstrated onstage. New iOS 5 features include Notifications, Newsstand, tabbed browsing in Safari, Reminders, quicker access to the Camera app, an improved image editor, integration with Twitter, in-message search in Mail, and wireless syncing.

But despite all these changes, there are those of us who still aren't satisfied. We've compiled suggestions from our staff and from our readers as to which iOS 5 features they wanted but didn't get. Tell us in the comments if you agree, or if you can think of more iOS 5 features you wanted but didn't see today.

Facebook integration--Apple announced Twitter integration today with its core iOS apps, like the camera and photo gallery, so you can send tweets directly from those apps. However, we didn't see any mention of Facebook integration, which some people might prefer.

FaceTime over 3G--It's a little curious that we didn't hear anything about FaceTime during the iOS 5 announcement. One of the features we wanted was FaceTime over 3G instead of just Wi-Fi, but we suspect this has more to do with the carriers than with Apple.

Native voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation--This is a feature that has been coveted for some time, and we have yet to see this on the iPhone. Of course, there might be some political issues here because of Google Maps being, well, a Google feature, but this is certainly a missing feature that has had many people opting for an Android phone instead.

Widgets--Another feature that some people like in Android is widgets that provide information at a quick glance. Though iOS 5 does provide stock and weather information in the notifications drop-down, some people were hoping for lock-screen or home-screen widgets that are closer to effortless.

Application trials--One of the more annoying things about buying apps from the App Store is that you can't really ask for a refund. One way Apple could get around that annoyance would be to provide a grace period in which customers can return the app for a full refund. Android has a 15-minute trial period, for example.