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iOS 5 code reveals iPad 3 reference, no voice recognition just yet

Scanning every line of code in iOS 5, developers have found references to the iPad 3, but what happened to the voice-recognition features?

Developers poring over iOS 5 have made an interesting discovery that seems to point to the iPad 3. Simply listed as "iPad3,1" and "iPad3,2" it does seem as if Apple has referenced a future model in its software, TechCrunch reports.

Explicitly listing the iPad 3 suggests the next model will have certain additional features not found on the iPad 2. For apps to work flawlessly across iOS 5 compatible devices, they would need to differentiate the feature set available on each one.

There has certainly been plenty of rumour around what screen the iPad 3 will have. Most likely would be a retina display, possibly AMOLED-based, though a Hollywood insider was certain of a 3D display on the iPad 3. Unfortunately, there's little to suggest the tablet will launch this year.

At present there doesn't appear to be an equivalent mention of a new iPhone. Some are hoping Apple's smart phone gets a refresh this autumn when iOS 5 officially launches.

Meanwhile, there's speculation over the lack of a mention for voice recognition in iOS 5. Many had expected either Nuance or the recently acquired Siri to put in an appearance. It's possible the feature was due to be mentioned up until just a few moments before Steve Jobs took to the stage at WWDC.

Prominent technologist Robert Scoble claims advanced voice recognition will be available in iOS 5, but wasn't ready to demonstrate at the keynote address. He also makes a subtle reference to an autumn iPhone 5 launch.

If the software is initially available only to Apple's own apps, there's no great hurry to get it into iOS 5. It does appear as if OS X Lion will include Nuance's technology.

Expect more interesting, if geeky, revelations from deep inside iOS 5 code over the coming months.