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iOS 5.0.1 is here, promises to cure 4S battery woes

It's here! if you've been suffering painfully short battery life on your 4S, update now and let us know if it helps.

Mere weeks after iOS 5 touched down, the next version is here, ready to cure any battery issues you might be having with your brand new iPhone 4S. Or at least, that's the claim.

It's ready for download now, though if you haven't already upgraded you'll have as long and drawn-out a wait as some did with iOS 5, considering it's a hefty 790MB for the full package, reports Engadget. Ouch.

Whether it does solve the battery issues some 4S owners have been experiencing remains to be seen. Some complained the battery was going down by as much as 10 per cent an hour, then the forums got buzzing with potential fixes: some said the location services feature was to blame by unnecessarily accessing your location, others that Siri was at fault, with its infrared beam enabling its 'Raise to Speak' feature. Apple admitted there was an issue, saying that iOS 5.0.1 would heal all. So let's see if it does.

The new version should also fix some bugs with document syncing, and re-enable app switching gestures for developers on the original iPad. Voice recognition has also been improved, to help better pick up Australian accents. Yup.

If you don't fancy a 790MB download, and already have iOS 5, you can snaffle the 44.6MB version (known as the delta) that just has the changes. So you won't have to go through all that palaver again. Just load up iTunes and hit Check for Updates.

Some iPhone 4S owners haven't had any problems with battery life at all, so not every 4S is affected. Have you been having any issues? Let us know below or over on our Facebook page.