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Ion's 'double-lens' Twin Video camcorder ships

Ion's Twin Video camcorder lets you capture front and rear video feeds with the touch of a button. The company says it's great for "interviews, vlogs, and creating videos for YouTube."

The Ion Twin Video mini camcorder can be had for $99.99 in online stores. Ion

We saw an early mock-up of Ion's dual-lens Twin Video mini camcorder at last year's CES. Now, almost a year later, the product is finally shipping, and it doesn't really look like the mock-up. However, it still has two lenses that allow you to shoot rear and front video feeds with the touch of a button.

What's the purpose of that? Well, the idea is that the person shooting the video can easily--and smoothly--get in on the action. Ion's billing the Twin Video as perfect for "blogging, interviewing, and creating videos with an easy-to-use, live-editing feature."

Alas, the resolution is only 640x480 and not "HD" and it comes with no memory (you must supply an SD/SDHC card). But the unit is pretty affordable. It lists for $119.99 but we've seen it for $100 online. Hopefully, we'll get our hands on a review sample in the next few weeks.

Ion Twin Video