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Iona bridges COM, CORBA

The middleware software maker launches additional products intended to make cross-platform applications easier to build.

Middleware software maker Iona Technologies (IONAY) today launched additional products intended to make cross-platform applications easier to build.

The company introduced OrbixCOMet Server, a toolkit for building server-based COM (component object model)- and CORBA (common object request broker architecture)-compliant applications that can integrate Windows NT, Unix, Java, and mainframe software.

Iona specializes in CORBA-based object request broker software, but lately has made deals to add COM support to its lineup.

CORBA is a widely adopted standard that defines communications between applications and components. The Object Management Group, the body charged with promoting the standard, describes CORBA as a way to allow applications to communicate with one another no matter where they are located or who has designed them.

COM, backed by Microsoft, is a similar technology, but tilted toward Microsoft's own technologies, such as Windows NT--although the company does support COM on other makers' operating systems.

In January, Iona licensed COM from Microsoft. Orbix COMet is the first product to result from that deal.

Orbix COMet Server lets developers build server-based objects that work with COM and the CORBA Internet Inter-ORB protocol.

The software is due to ship in the third quarter. No pricing has been announced.

Iona also said today that it has shipped a mainframe version of Orbix and has signed licensing deals with NEC and Hewlett-Packard to supply Orbix technologies.