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Ion product line bridges old and new

Ion Audio unveils its 2010 product lineup, revealing a familiar mix of new technology with a nod to the past.

Photo of the Ion iType keyboard for the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone.
The iType keyboard for iPhone and iPod Touch is just one of several anachronistic innovations unveiled in the company's 2010 product lineup. Ion

You've gotta love Ion. Year after year, no company better embodies the CES spirit of throwing offbeat products at the wall and seeing what sticks. Some of the products catch on and some don't, but it's always fun to flip through its new releases and see what might be the Skymall superstar of the new year.

For 2010, Ion is continuing its tradition of USB turntables, iPod speakers, and analog media converters (including a USB Walkman-style cassette deck), but also breaking ground on several new product categories.

The most notable new addition is the iType, a full-size keyboard that docks with an iPhone or iPod Touch (shown above).

They're also rolling out a Flip alternative called the Twin Video, that includes both front and rear cameras that capture picture-in-picture video. Baby delivery videos will never be the same.

To see more of the Ion 2010 product line-up, hit up the slideshow.