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Ion LP2CD turntable rips, burns, and rotates

Donald Bell offers his review of the LP2CD turntable from Ion Audio.

Photo of the Ion LP2CD turntable.
The Ion LP2CD is just itching to turn one antique format into another. Donald Bell/CBS Interactive

Ripping vinyl to your computer is a huge hassle. First, you have to drag a turntable over to your computer (or vice-versa). Next, you have to make sure you have all the right cables for connecting everything together. Then you need to make sure your computer is up to the task (audio card, software, etc.). In the end, you'll be tied to your computer, spending the weekend watching dusty records rip to your computer in real time, and laboring with edits, song titles, and iTunes conversion.

To ease the unpleasantness, the Ion LP2CD ($399) offers a simpler, faster solution, by recording your vinyl directly to blank CDs. The system doesn't offer the same fine-grain control as recording to your computer, but it makes the whole vinyl archiving process much more streamlined.

If the LP2CD seems like it might solve your record-ripping dilemma, check out our full report and video over at CNET Reviews.