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Ion introduces LP-to-CD ripper

Ion Audio has unveiled its LP-CD USB turntable at CES 2008.

Photo of Ion Audio LP2CD turntable
The Ion Audio LP2CD turntable allows you to record your old records directly to blank CDs. Donald Bell/CNET Networks

Ion Audio had a slew of new USB turntables on display at CES this year. Of all the new models, the turntable I'm the most interested to get my hands on is the LP2CD, a direct-to-CDR vinyl archiving solution.

The LP2CD includes an all-metal platter, an LCD display, a USB connection, a switchable line/phono audio output, and a front-loading CD player and recorder. At $449, the LP2CD turntable doesn't come cheap. There's something to be said, however, for paying a little extra to take a computer out of the vinyl archiving equation (although the LP2CD can be used with a computer as well).

The Ion Audio LP2PC should be available within the first quarter of this year.