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Ion bridges analog and digital

Ion's showing a number of products at CES that bridge the world between analog and digital.

Ion's digital turntables, which let you convert LP records directly to digital files, aren't new--I first saw them at the 2006 CES--but the company is showing more sophisticated equipment each time I stop by their booth. This year, they're showing off their LP Dock turntables, which not only feature a USB connection out but also a dock for selected iPods (5th gen and Classic and 2nd and 3rd gen Nano). This lets you record directly to the device via Voice Memo mode.

But I hadn't seen their URecord before--it's like their digital turntables but more versatile, letting you connect any audio source via RCA cables. The iCUE also looks cool--it's a two-channel mixer for digital audio files on your computer.

Ion's iCUE
Ion's iCUE lets you mix digital audio files from your computer. Matt Rosoff

At their CES booth, they'll be showing off their electronic drum kits in conjunction with an Xbox 360 playing Rock Band. And right across the aisle, the folks at Peavey will be showing their guitar controllers with Guitar Hero. It's a virtual rock-a-thon! Check it out, about halfway back in the main hall at CES.