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Iomega's latest drive is ready for battle

The 250GB "Camo eGo" is the latest camouflaged device.


If LaCie is trying to lock up the fashionista market by hiring European designers to tart up their storage devices, Iomega seems to be sending an entirely different message with its "eGo" line of portable drives.

To wit: A few months back it released a version that bore a striking resemblance to a hip flask, and now it's come out with a model dressed in full camouflage fatigues. The 250GB "Camo eGo" is also outfitted with a black "Iomega Power Grip," adding "a style of adventure and intrigue to the eGo color kaleidoscope." (Note to Iomega: Overthink much?)

Apparently positioning itself as the bad boy of the storage world, the eGo also continues the camo theme that has increasingly infected gadgets in general, from Skullcandy headphones and Motorola walkie-talkies to Hummer phones and the latest Mobiado handset. The closest we'll get, however, is some MP3 sunglasses.