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Iomega takes cloud storage personally

Iomega introduces a new way to connect its NAS servers together and to the Internet to create a network of personal cloud storage.

A new NAS server from Iomega that comes with the company's new Personal Cloud feature.
A new NAS server with Iomega Personal Cloud feature. Iomega

LAS VEGAS--One of many benefits of a having a network-attached storage server at home is that you can access your data from anywhere via the Internet. That is, of course, if the NAS server supports this feature.

And if you buy any new NAS servers from Iomega this year, you'll for sure be able to enjoy this benefit. The company announced today "Iomega Personal Cloud," its new approach to the remote-access functionality of its network storage server.

Basically, it's an enhanced, easy to use, and comprehensive way for people to access an NAS server at home from anywhere in the world, via the Internet. Iomega Personal Cloud includes a vendor-assisted remote access solution and software for remote computers. The company claims that any users can get its Personal Cloud service up and running with a few mouse clicks.

Apart from allowing users to access files remotely, Iomega Personal Cloud also allows for sharing files with others (up to 250 members, the company says). Users can also install software on their local computers that enables VPN-like access to the NAS server over the Internet. This means remote users can access data stored on the NAS server the way they do when connected via a local network.

Another strong benefit of Iomega Personal Cloud is its built-in off-site backup functionality. This feature allows two Iomega NAS servers to sync their content over the Internet. It only works well, however, when both ends have a fast broadband connection.

While there have been many cloud storage services on the market, all of them require a paid subscription. Iomega's cloud approach incurs no extra cost, other than the cost for the NAS server itself. Users also have complete control over their clouds, the way they do over their computer and home network equipment.

Starting immediately, all of Iomega's Cloud Edition NAS servers, including the updated versions of the iConnect, Home Media Network HDD, or IX2-200, will come with Iomega Personal Cloud, which can be turned on and customized via the NAS server's Web interface.

While the new upgraded version shares the same design as the existing ones, they have different internal hardware. This means that owners of the current versions won't be able to take advantage of the new Iomega Personal Cloud feature.