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Iomega offers double-layer DVD burners

The company is the just latest to announce it is shipping double-layer DVD burners.

Data storage specialist Iomega on Tuesday said it is shipping a double-layer DVD burner, making it the latest company to announce a higher-capacity DVD product. Iomega said its new DVD writer can store up to 8.5GB on a single disk using double-layer, write-once recording technology. That's nearly twice the data that can be burned on standard, single-layer DVDs. Iomega said the $249.95 product comes bundled with a variety of software and can be used by consumers to store home recordings, by businesses to archive data and by filmmakers to test new DVD titles.

Sony, Pioneer and Hewlett-Packard also have announced double-layer DVD recorders. Some compatibility problems, however, have cropped up when it comes to playing double-layer recorded DVDs on other machines.