Iomega gets a holiday eGo boost

Two new eGo portable hard drives from Iomega.

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Iomega continues to impress us with its sexy, sleek external hard drives. We just recently reviewed the eGo Helium, a drive catered to Apple fanboys. There's also the eGo Camo that's useful for secretly accessing your data in the forest, and the eGo Brown Leather that makes a perfect present for your friendly neighborhood alcoholic. This time, they're introducing two new drives to their eGo line. Check 'em out!

This is the eGo Encrypt. It actually bears a striking resemblance to the eGo Helium, with its silver case and clean lines, but this one is a little thicker and is NTFS formatted out of the box. This one also bumps the security up a notch using government grade 128-bit encryption to protect the data inside. In addition, if the drive is disconnected from a computer while in use, the drive will automatically lock itself and require a predesignated password to access it again.

It also comes with a clear version of the Drop Guard Xtreme band that we first saw on the eGo Camo. You can take it on and off, but we recommend you keep it on just in case you happen to drive it from seven feet up- it'll keep the drive protected. Plus, what're you going to do with a loose rubber band? It's 320GB for $150--a little more than the eGo Helium, but still an excellent deal at $0.47 per gigabyte.

This one looks even more familiar than the Encrypt. The eGO BlackBelt portable hard drive is the same drive as the eGo Camo,'s black. So if you have enough disruptive pattern material in your house and just need a simple, secure drive, the BlackBelt is your go-to guy. Again, it includes the Drop Guard Xtreme, so feel free to use it to protect yourself against would-be assailants. This one is 250GB for $120, which factors out to a cool $0.48 per gigabyte.

We'll be getting both drives into our labs before the holiday break, so look out for a full length review coming soon!