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Invite to Samsung product unveiling hints at new flagship fork

Samsung has something slightly curvy planned for its big product unveiling event on March 1, and it looks suspiciously like silverware.

Samsung invite
The Samsung event invite might make you hungry. Samsung

There's an art to creating an invitation for a major technology event. You want to hint at what's to come without really giving anything away. Apple has been a master of this. Usually you get spare graphics and a short phrase designed to generate excitement. Samsung's latest take on this phenomenon is its invite to the Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event on March 1.

The invitation features the phrase "What's next" and a slim, curving silver line against a black background. Samsung seems to believe it's whispering "Galaxy S6," "intrigue," "allure," "curvaceous." But what people are actually hearing is "fork."

Samsung Galaxy Fork references have reached Twitter, where a few people have to taken it upon themselves to flesh out the invite to make it a much more obvious fork. Of course, it could also be an artfully lit photograph of a spork or a side view of a slinky silver Mercedes. It may even be the curved display edge of the Galaxy S6, but that would be boring.

Maybe Samsung will have the gumption to buck the high-tech trend and instead unveil a new line of utensils in a move designed to threaten industry stalwarts like Oneida and Martha Stewart. I would buy a Samsung flatware set, especially if it had Bluetooth, built-in memory, cell connectivity and a comfortable grip for ease of capturing vegetables.

Are we all overreacting to the fork resemblance? I attempted to re-create the event invitation using nothing but a sticky note and a utensil from my kitchen drawer. I think I did a pretty good job. Decide for yourself.

Fork joke
It's nearly impossible to tell the difference between my reenactment and the original invite. Amanda Kooser/CNET