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Investor forecasts show Psystar is crazy

Documents uncovered in Apple's ongoing litigation show Psystar told investors it would sell millions of Mac clones by 2011. In reality, it sold 768 in the last year.

Psystar's recent legal woes keep proving the company's insanity. New documents show that these guys planned to sell at least 1.45 million Mac clones by 2011. How many did they actually sell in the past year? 768.

The best part is those are conservative estimates. According to Psystar's aggressive predictions (divulged in legal documents as part of Apple's ongoing litigation), the company planned to move 12 million computers by 2011. 12 million! That's a far cry from the triple digit numbers they managed to sell.

The other best part is that Psystar pitched their inevitable legal battle with Apple as a competitive advantage, claiming other companies would want to stay away from that mess. Imagine asking the bank for a loan on a truck, saying you'll use it to haul stolen TVs, and arguing that fear of getting arrested will make yours the only TV truck in town. No wonder these guys are going under.

The documents were provided as part of the upcoming injunction proceedings, where Apple is trying to halt sales of Psystar's products. Hey Apple, I know this is all about protecting your IP and all, but going by those dismal figures, you really don't have to worry about Psystar's sales.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo.