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Invade the skies with your own flying, screeching pterodactyl

Scare off birds, humans and drones with this radio-controlled pterodactyl flying around on Kickstarter. It even lets out a hair-raising screech.

Get your own pterodactyl without the fear of being eaten. PaulG Toys

Wish you could have lived when T-Rex roamed the earth and pterodactyls ruled the skies?

Though the dinosaurs are long gone, you can still pretend to be in charge of your own " Jurassic World" if this radio-controlled flying pterodactyl on Kickstarter ends up getting funded.

The ornithopter has a 3-foot (almost 1 meter) body, a 5-foot (1.5-meter) wingspan and a 1,640-foot (500-meter) range. The creature can fly for around 15-20 minutes on a single charge.

"The technical term is biomimetic ornithopter, which just means it flies by flapping its wings mimicking a bird," PaulG Toys CEO Jeff Hartman told CNET's Crave.

Made from durable polyfoam, the pterodactyl runs using a 2.4G controller with a rechargeable battery. The controller lever lets you adjust the feet of your pterodactyl to go up, down, left and right.

"When you fly this thing, not only is it great fun but you also gain the attention of all of the other flying birds around," Hartman told Crave. "They actually check it out and try to interact with it. It's very funny to see some of the wildlife's reaction to this giant flying lizard."

When it's not in use, you can display your pterodactyl on leg stands. PaulG Toys

The pterodactyl can let loose a screeching sound to really freak out everyone watching. And its eyes light up to indicate the power is on.

"We've incorporated a hair-raising voice for the bird that is sure to scare and delight everyone who hears it," Hartman told Crave. "The greatest part about it is that we actually made the voice box in the body of the bird rather than the controller. It has a tremendous no matter where you're flying when you let loose the screech it is local to the bird and you can really make both people and pets jump which is great fun."

The RC pterodactyl also has an optional camera harness if you want to record your flights from the pterodactyl's point of view. It comes in red and black; green and yellow; or blue and white. To get the full RC pterodactyl package, Kickstarter backers have to cough up $250 (about £169 or AU$329).

The Kickstarter campaign must reach its $30,000 goal by May 2 to put the flying pterodactyls into production. If that happens, delivery is expected around July.