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Intuit transfers BankNow to Net

Online customers can now bank from their browsers.

Personal finance software vendor Intuit (INTU) has moved its online banking program, BankNow, to the Internet.

Customers of seven participating banks can now check account balances, pay bills, and transfer money between accounts from a Web browser. Special software can be downloaded from Intuit's Quicken Financial Network Web site or from the sites of participating banks. The service also lets customers create transactions offline and then transmit them later.

The company initially offered the banking services on America Online. Intuit will continue the AOL services in addition to the Web-based services.

Banks offering the Intuit service on the Net are Bank of Stockton, Barnett Bank, Centura Bank, Compass Bank, First Michigan Bank, First Union National Bank, and Mellon Bank. Institutions planning to offer BankNow this summer include PNC Bank and Sanwa Bank California.