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Introducing the new CNET Live podcast schedule

CNET TV's new podcast schedule

We're here to announce our all new CNET Live lineup beginning September 26th! Everyday we'll be bringing you the best Live CNET content from 9 a.m. to noon Pacific Time at CNET Live will always be your place to get the best analysis, live coverage of events, and perspective covering the hottest tech happenings. Plus, we'll throw in a few laughs for you too. In addition to the new revamped schedule there's plenty of new shows and content we're working on so watch it all at CNET Live. Check out the schedule below and we'll see you on the internet!

CNET TV Live Schedule

Day                                9am                         10am                          11am                            12n

Monday                     The 404                     Dialed In                 CNET Labscast

Tuesday                    The 404                   Rumor Has It               Crave                          PreGame

Wednesday              The 404                   Android Atlas

Thursday                   The 404                  Buzz Out Loud          Car Tech Live / Roadside Assistance

Friday                         The 404                  Reporters' Roundtable