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More things are changing at CNET -- take a look!

Welcome to our new galleries design.


Hi, I'm Liza Maloy, a product manager at CNET. Today I want to tell you about a project I've been working on: Photo galleries!

As our Vice President of Product Jeremy Toeman mentioned in May, we are in the midst of a site redesign process. The updates to our front door and best pages are two recent wins (what, haven't seen them? Go check them out), and I'm excited to add mobile photo galleries to the list!

Our amazing team of editors and photographers create galleries for everything, from technology shows, product reviews and our Road Trip around the globe to Pokemon tips, optical illusions, beautiful cars and Marvel characters, just to name a few. Behind the scenes, the engineers, designers, and I are making this experience faster and more enjoyable for you.

Why, you ask? We've all been there: You click on a shared link (maybe a Facebook post) and you're brought to a page covered with ads and popups. If the subject is compelling (who doesn't want to see weird things you can buy from vending machines?), then you may click to the next slide only to find a slow loading, ad-laden page again. I hate that, don't you?


The redesign makes it easier to scroll through galleries while on your device.


So we decided to lay out galleries in a way that makes it easier for you to enjoy them: vertically -- think scroll, not swipe. We wanted to make it easier for you to flip though lots and lots of photos at once. Ads are still there, because, you know, we need to keep the lights on, but they are a lot less disruptive than they were.

One more cool thing: If you just can't get enough CNET, don't worry! When you reach the end of a gallery you'll move right into the next. With 20 years of content, you can swipe forever (OK, this not actually true, infinity is too big).

Our goal here was to create a delightful gallery experience for the CNET audience; no really, that's what I wrote to the engineers when I started this project. And I think we did a great job.

So grab your phone (we're starting with mobile galleries, desktop ones are coming later!) and check on some galleries (like this "Game of Thrones" one, or this Apollo 11 one) and then let us know what you think. It's a work-in-progress so please leave me a comment below. Positive or negative, I'd love to hear how we are doing.

We are bringing a similar experience to desktop and tablets later this year and your feedback is essential.