Introducing CNET's Facebook Timeline app

Drop a little tech knowledge on the world with CNET's new Timeline app.

We at CNET are very pleased to announce the launch of our Facebook Timeline app.

What is a Timeline app? It's a way of sharing the best stuff you're reading on CNET with your Facebook friends. When you connect with the app, the articles you read on CNET will appear in your friends' Facebook Ticker and occasionally in their News Feeds.

We know many of our readers have strong feelings about these types of Facebook apps (and yes, we've seen the Oatmeal comic). We've even ranted about the intrusiveness of some of these apps ourselves. Seriously, we get that they can be annoying when they are too aggressive.

But we also think they can be genuinely useful when they're done right. That's why we're excited about ours: we designed it to be the lightest, most user-friendly implementation possible.

You have total control over when and what you share, you can pause sharing at any time, you can easily review and delete articles you've already shared, and you can even turn on notifications to remind yourself that you're sharing what you read.

Better yet, unlike some other sites, we aren't forcing your friends to connect with the app to read the articles you share. If they see something interesting in their Ticker, they can just click over and read the article. They don't need to sign up with CNET or approve the app just to read the article that caught their eye.

Don't want to share? Don't worry about it! We'll still love you. Even if you've already tried it out it's easy to delete the whole thing at any time.

If you have any questions you can check out our handy FAQ, and if you're rearin' to go just click this button to get started:

Yes, try it out

We welcome your feedback, and thanks for sharing!