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Introducing Amp'd Mobile

Introducing Amp'd Mobile

Start-up cell phone carrier Amp'd Mobile has announced that its first phone will be the Kyocera Jet. Operating on a 3G EV-DO network, the Jet is all about multimedia content. Packed into a slick black design with a sliding keyboard are an MP3 player, a digital camera with a flash, an MPEG-4 video recorder with playback, and a vivid, 262,000-color display for videos and games. The Jet also has a TransFlash expandable memory slot and push-to-talk support. There's no Bluetooth or business-friendly functions, but as Amp'd Mobile told us, its focus is on rich multimedia content and a flashy interface. And lest you forget, the Jet can make calls as well. Amp'd Mobile is a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in partnership with Verizon Wireless. It plans to operate an all-3G network targeted to the youth market.