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Intranets Will Outstrip the Net

Zona Research, a small market research firm, claims corporate intranets are likely to outstrip Net usage despite Nielsen's findings to the contrary.

REDWOOD CITY, California--A new survey from Zona Research says that growth potential for intranets will outpace the Internet in the future. This finding directly contradicts a recent study sponsored by CommerceNet and conducted by Nielsen.

According to the Zona report, there are fewer than 6 million commercial online service subscribers with connections to the Web. Because of this and other factors, intranets will likely outstrip use of the Web in the future. Zona reports that intranets will be easier to use overall, and companies will have an easier time quantifying the benefits and justifying their usage for internal communication and productivity enhancements.

The author of the report, Stephen Auditore, claims there are currently more than 15 million business and corporate computer users ready to take advantage of the Web, but it's unlikely that tens of millions of home users will jump online.