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Interweb, defriend and tweetup make it into the dictionary

A slew of geeky terms, including Interweb, unfriend and tweetup have made it into the most recent edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English. What other dork slang deserves a mention?

A slew of geeky slang terms have made it into the the new third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English.

Among the new entries are Interweb, defriend, hater and tweetup, the definitions of which you can check out for yourself by clicking on those links.

We personally think this shows great progress, (except for 'tweetup', gawd that word sets our teeth on edge) but if you're a curmudgeonly, crusty old member of the grammar police you might want to hold on a minute before grabbing your truncheons.

These words have been inducted into the Oxford Dictionary of English, which is a trendy, modern, press-release friendly dictionary and not to be confused with the Oxford English Dictionary, which is the really huge authoritative thing your English teacher made you buy.

Putting dictionary infighting aside, we asked our Facebook fans which geeky slang terms they'd like to see ushered into the hallowed pages of the dictionary, and the responses were... creative. James Hogg suggested 'w00t' and 'l33t' should be added, while Celyn Jones reckoned the word 'fanboy' should be made official.

Vincent Thacker submitted 'tube' or 'tubes' as an alternative to the word 'Internet', and Adam Matthews, clever fellow that he is put forth that the word 'epic' should be listed with the suffix 'win'.

What are your suggestions? Let us know on the Facebook page or via Twitter, or in the comments, or write it on a brick and throw it through our car window. (Yeah we have a car, a big one. A big CNET UK van.)