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Interviewy app makes transcribing interviews a doddle

A new app makes jumping through the relevant parts of an audio recording a cinch, thanks to visual markers you can drop.

If you've ever had to trawl through hours of an interview you've recorded, looking for that juicy quote or relevant piece of information, you'll know what a pain it is. Which is why this app is such a great idea. It's called Interviewy, and it makes it far easier to go through audio recordings and find the bits you're interested in.

As soon as your subject starts saying something interesting, just hit the speech bubble icon and it'll drop a TypeTag -- basically a visual marker in the audio file that flags up a good quote. Then when you come to go through it, you can just jump between TypeTags to get to the parts that are relevant. And hey presto -- you'll save yourself hours of listening to someone bang on about something that's of no interest.

The longer you hold your finger down on the screen, the longer the TypeTag, which will be useful if your subject says a lot that's worth quoting.

Recordings are automatically synced to iCloud, so if you lose or damage your phone, that interview will always be backed up, so it's safe and sound, waiting for you in the cloud.

It's designed with journalists in mind, but it could also be useful for lawyers, students in lecture theatres, and basically anyone who ever has to record someone.

Here's a video explaining more about it.

The app is only available on iOS at the moment, and your Apple device will need to be running iOS 7. It's a great idea, very simple to use, and most importantly, it solves a problem, unlike a lot of apps.

You can download Interviewy for free from iTunes.

Have you given it a whirl? What do you think of it? Do you use your smart phone as a dictaphone? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.