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Interviewly makes sense of Reddit's messy AMAs

The Web site offers much-needed method to the aesthetic madness of Reddit's Ask Me Anything interviews.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Reddit AMAs can be interesting and even insightful, but their chaotic layout makes them less than user-friendly. A Web site called Interviewly tries to clear up the chaos.

The Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) gives people a chance to interact with celebrities, tech leaders, and other prominent people through Q&A sessions. Anyone who joins in on a Reddit AMA can throw out questions hoping for a response from the interviewee. But actually reading an AMA is a chore as questions, comments, conversation threads, and responses all get jumbled together.

Interviewly gives a new paint job to those Reddit interviews so they appear as normal Q&As. You can easily read each question to which the interviewee responded from start to finish. As one example, here's a Reddit AMA with Bill Nye the Science Guy. And here's the same interview cleaned up courtesy of Interviewly.

This is how you can tap into Interviewly:

Simply fire up the Interviewly Web site. Scroll down the home page to see the more popular and most recent interviews. Clicking a specific category at the top or bottom of the page narrows the focus, so you can check out interviews in TV/film, music, technology, sports, politics, and books. An "other" category includes miscellaneous interviews.

One feature missing on the site is a search option. You can only browse the different categories. But you can always run a Web search for Interviewly followed by the name of a specific person. Interviewly also has a Twitter feed through which you can stay informed about the latest interviews.

Interviewly is a "side project created by Dan Drabik out of a love for Reddit AMAs," according to its creator. On the site's About page, Drabik explains the process behind Interviewly:

Reddit is great, but the format isn't conducive to interviews (so AMAs end up a bit ugly and hard to follow). I've cleaned them up a bit, added photos, ordered the questions chronologically, and broken them into categories. For now, I've focused on the interviews of well-known people, but that may expand in the future.

Drabik also told CNET that several features are now under development for Interviewly, including the ability to search the site for specific interviews.