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See 'Interstellar' updated for 2017 with a fidget spinner

A hit fidgeting-craze gadget makes a comical cameo appearance in a fan-edited scene from "Interstellar."

If you saw the 2014 sci-fi blockbuster "Interstellar," you probably remember the stunning scene where Matthew McConaughey pilots his spacecraft in a desperate attempt to dock with a spinning, damaged space station. It has tension, amazing music, drama and a giant space-faring fidget spinner.

Just kidding about that last bit. The fidget spinner only shows up in YouTube user Joseph Nickson's edited and altered version of the epic scene.

Nickson writes on Reddit: "Spent a couple hours updating Interstellar for 2017 viewing audiences." Nickson replaced the rotating space ship with a fidget spinner, a toy that is currently the focus of a massive fidgeting fad.

The presence of the fidget spinner really works with dialogue like "Get ready to match our spin with the retro thrusters."

Nickson, a freelance concept artist, says he filmed a fidget spinner with the right light to match the "Interstellar" scene and then edited it into the footage. It would be great if this kicked off a whole genre of fidget-gadget remakes. I would love to see a Star Trek Borg spaceship replaced by a fidget cube.