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Intersolv tool tallies requests

Intersolv announces a tool that keeps track of requests for changes to Internet- and intranet-based site applications.

Intersolv (ISLI) has announced a tool to allow groups of developers to keep track of requests for changes to Internet- or intranet-based Web site applications.

PVCS Tracker for Web Teams is an addition to the company's PVCS software version control and management system that's become an industry standard for software development teams. Tracker for Web Teams adds the ability to manage requests for changes to Web site content and format through a Web browser interface.

The tool includes an email feature that automatically sends out project status reports via corporate mail systems. Intersolv said Tracker for Web Teams will also work with other change request systems and with popular Web authoring tools.

Tracker for Web Teams is now shipping, priced at $199 for a five-user package.