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Internet veterans join Myplay executive roster

The music start-up appoints its management team, which includes former top executives from Rolling Stone, Netscape and other major music and Internet companies.

Myplay, which sashayed into the competitive Internet music market in October, today announced the appointment of its management team, which consists of former top executives from Rolling Stone, Netscape and other major music and Internet companies.

"It's not like we're a group of 20-somethings starting something in a garage," said Cathy Halgas, director of communications. "These people bring a lot of experience to the company."

Margie Mader, former Netscape vice president of human resources, was named Myplay's vice president of "creating cool culture," and Michael Crotty, former vice president of marketing at CDNow, was named vice president of consumer marketing.

Changming Shih, who helped create Infoseek's search engine, was named vice president of engineering, and Tom Graumann, who worked at AdKnowledge, becomes Myplay senior director of operations.

Also named to Myplay's executive team were Paula Batson, formerly with Reciprocal, who will act as vice president of communications, and Richard Ault, who was in charge of product marketing and development at Internet companies BuyDirect, and CNET. (CNET is the publisher of

As previously reported, Ben Fong-Torres, one of Rolling Stone's first writers and editors, has been named editorial director of Myplay and will help set the tone for the company's communication with consumers, Myplay said.

Myplay, based in Redwood City, Calif., allows users to access its digital music collections from anywhere in the world and from multiple devices, including personal computers, laptops, handheld devices and cellular phones.

It was launched in mid-October by David Pakman, senior vice president of business development, and chief executive Doug Camplejohn, two friends who kept in touch over the years after working together at Apple Computer in the late 1980s.