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Internet Explorer--headed for extinction?

Microsoft's glaring neglect of IE may actually hold clues to the future of browsing.

Microsoft's glaring neglect of its Web browser may actually hold clues to the future of browsing. You just have to peek through Windows.

IE--embraced, extended, extinct?

Forget Microsoft's glaring neglect of Internet Explorer. Browser technology remains key to the future of Windows.
September 30, 2004

Why I dumped Internet Explorer

perspective CNET's Charles Cooper confesses: He's a Firefox convert and not at all nostalgic for the old days.
October 1, 2004

Planning to dump IE? Think again

Web sites that cater to Microsoft's browser continue to make life hard for switchers to other software.
September 30, 2004

The gaps in IE

Surfers and developers say Internet Explorer lacks some must-have features and standards. These requests top the wish list.
September 30, 2004

editors' picks Security concerns and a lack of new features in IE have people looking elsewhere. What's your take?
September 30, 2004

Looking at the competition

screenshots Competing browsers sport varying appearances and different advantages.
September 30, 2004