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Internet Explorer 7's new line of defense

IE 7 no likey positive Firefox 2 reviews.

Robert Vamosi just posted a full review of the stellar Firefox 2, which was officially released moments ago. We've added the full review (complete with video and a slide show) to the CNET home page, but Internet Explorer 7 did everything it could to crash the party.

Usually, the well-oiled CNET editorial machine posts big stories on our home page within seconds of them publishing. Our content-management system runs a bit better on IE, so that's the browser we normally use when updating the site.

But when I added the Firefox 2 review, IE 7 decided it wasn't having it. A pop-up window appeared, citing an exception unknown software exception, and the browser window vaporized.

All your exception unknown software exception are belong to IE.

Another attempt, another exception unknown software exception, and another disappearing IE window.

Lather, rinse, repeat. After a hard reboot, I was finally able to add the Editors' Choice-winning Firefox 2 review to the home page.

Was IE's defensive stand a coincidence or an ingenious competitive tactic developed by IE's engineering team to stave off positive publicity for Firefox 2? Only the ghouls of Halloween, the Illuminati, and Karl Rove know for sure.

And another thing: the phrase exception unknown software exception needs to be registered with the Department of Redundancy Department. For reals.