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Internet Doomsday averted, ISPs save day

Internet service providers offer cure for DNSChanger malware, a Canadian hotel puts new tech in guest rooms, and pigs may soon fly.

Monday's top stories are about Windows, Twitter, iPhones, and flying pigs. You know, the usual tech talk:

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Monday was said to be an "Internet Doomsday." Anyone infected with DNSChanger malware would lose access to the Internet. But turns out, it wasn't all that dramatic. Internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon are stepping in and helping anyone still bit by the server-enslaving bug. If you have a friend that needs a fix, here's how to administer the cure.

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be available at the end of October. If you already have Windows, an update to 8 will cost you about $40, but that price will go up at the end of January.

Twitter has new and improved search features. The only thing that's still annoying is trying to find old tweets.

You've seen hotel rooms with iPhone charging docks. But how about a hotel room with iPhones? One hotel in Vancouver is replacing landline phones with iPhones in every room.

The Galaxy Nexus smartphone is back on sale in the Google Play store. The new version of Android 4.1 should fix the patent conflict that temporarily halted its sale.

Sick of Angry Birds? Think the next time you'll play is when pigs fly? Well you just might get your wish. According to the blog Pocket-lint, the next Angry Birds game may let you play as the pigs.

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