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Internet busy with talk of Apple-IBM parting

Consumers have been busy sharing their online reactions to news of Apple switch from IBM to Intel microprocessors.

In response to news that Apple Computer is about to announce a switch from IBM to Intel microprocessors, thousands of consumers have expressed online reaction ranging from stunned to skeptical, and from psyched to sad.

Since the CNET story broke Friday afternoon, technology Web sites have been abuzz with feedback. By late Saturday, almost 2,000 comments were posted in response to a related item on; 175 posts were made in response to's initial story; and almost 100 comments were posted in response to a related AppleInsider story.

People generally seem to be reacting in three ways: in favor of the change, opposed, or they are simply unwilling to believe its true until hearing it directly from Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs. He's expected to make the announcement at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference Monday in San Francisco.

Some, like reader Sam Kass, are "psyched" about the news and see it as Apple playing catch-up from a performance standpoint, "while still being top-notch at (human-computer interaction)."

"Down the road (Apple) has the potential to take the industry by storm," he said.

Bob Zhu, who is both an Apple and PC user, also thinks it's a good move and questions IBM's commitment on Mac CPU development.

?Switching to Intel doesn't guarantee Apple to have more powerful machines in future than if they stick with IBM," the reader wrote. "But the move will give Apple a level playground with all other PC makers."

In contrast, another reader, John Bresnahan, is very upset about the news. "I will never buy Apple again, ever. If this is true, I am very sad," he wrote. "How will I get new software for my computer?"

An AppleInsider member was one of many to suggest that the switchover to Intel is likely just for its WiMax chips.

"I don't think Apple and IBM are parting ways as reported," the member wrote. "The WiMax theory fits the overall picture better."

Others found the Apple-IBM divorce news curious, given that Microsoft recently dropped Intel for its Xbox 360.

"Now Apple might be doing the opposite. Are the two events in any way connected?" a AppleInsider member wondered.

Some just pooh-poohed the news, calling it stock market manipulation or a fake story leaked by Apple to catch a spy, as a Mac Observer member suggested.