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ISS astronauts treated to screening of 'The Martian'

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are treated to an advance showing of Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi movie "The Martian."

Ridley Scott's is one of the most anticipated science fiction movies of 2015, and astronauts aboard the International Space Station were treated to a special screening of it Saturday.

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren both tweeted the same picture of the viewing the morning after, with Kelly adding the inspirational message that he was now hard at work to bring us closer to Mars during his year aboard the ISS.

In the movie, Matt Damon tries to survive on Mars for four years in a habitat designed to keep him alive for a month. Part of Kelly's one-year mission involves studying the longer-term effects of space travel on the human body, research that NASA and other space agencies will use to, hopefully, successfully send a manned crew to Mars over the next few decades.

Neither Kelly nor Lindgren tweeted their reactions to the movie, but they both seemed to enjoy the experience. The rest of us will get our shot to watch "The Martian" when it debuts in theaters in Australia and the UK on September 30, followed by the US on October 2.

You can re-watch the latest trailer for "The Martian" below.