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Interactive Flickr: Now for everyone

Yahoo's more socially engaged redesign of the photo-sharing site's home page is now out of beta testing. It dovetails with the company's open strategy.

Yahoo has finished a redesign of its Flickr home page that emphasizes the photo-sharing site's social aspects.

The new home page shows off more of a user's own photos and more from the user's contacts, and it surfaces social activity such as comments on the user's photos, replies to comments the user made on others' photos, and new photos posted to the user's Flickr groups. (See a screenshot below.)

The move is part of Yahoo Open Strategy, which aims to expose Yahoo users' social activity across different Yahoo properties, let others build applications on Yahoo properties, and let outside sites use Yahoo data. Next up for Flickr is a redesign of the photo pages that house each image, the company said earlier.

Yahoo offers a screencast describing the new look on its Flickr blog.

Yahoo's redesigned Flickr page
The redesigned Flickr shows more photos and, through a 'recent activity' tab, more social interactions. (Click to enlarge.) Stephen Shankland/CNET News