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Intel's Otellini: Google TV shipping this month

Intel's CEO implies in an interview Thursday that Google TV devices could be arriving a little sooner than previously thought.

Sony's Google TV, shown at the IFA conference last week.
Sony's Google TV, shown at the IFA conference last week. Stephen Shankland/CNET

Updated 3:25 p.m. PDT with comment (in a sense) from Google.

According to one of Google's key partners on the Google TV project, devices could be here sooner than we expected.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published Thursday that Google TV devices "start shipping this month." It wasn't clear whether he meant that devices would be available for consumers to buy this month, or whether he simply meant that the hardware partners will start shipping the devices into retail channels this month; a Google representative would only say the devices are expected to launch this fall.

Google TV is a combination of hardware and software designed in hopes of achieving the tech industry's long-held goal of breaking into the television industry, currently dominated by cable and satellite companies. Google unveiled the software earlier this year at Google I/O, but said at a recent conference that the product would launch in October.

Otellini compared Google TV with the revamped Apple TV by saying that Apple's product would likely appeal to "my mom" because "it's really simplistic," while his son would prefer Google TV because "it's cool." Otellini, of course, will now be supplying chips to products used by both companies, with the continuation of Apple's use of Intel chips in Macs and the use of Atom chips in Google TV devices made by partners like Logitech.