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Intel's market fallout

In reporting an unexpected shortfall in revenue projections, the chip giant sends stock markets reeling around the world.

Special coverage: Intel fall-out March 5, 1998
12:30 p.m. PT
Special coverage: Intel fallout

The leading chipmaker's unexpected revenue shortfall sends markets reeling around the globe. Was the panic justified?

Intel pulls down market
update Gyrations hit Wall Street a day after Intel's surprisingly bleak report.

There are no quick fixes
news analysis Price is an issue because it is the PC industry's only innovation.

Impact felt around globe
update Financial markets from Finland to Taiwan feel the reverberations.

10% shortfall unexpected
update Earnings will fall well below earlier projections in an already-slow quarter.

New chip faces doubts
Intel's low-cost processor will get a cool reception because of its performance.

Rival sees opportunity
Even as it deals with its own financial problems, AMD looks to gain on Intel.

What's in a name?
commentary Before naming "Celeron," Intel should have consulted a few books.

Intel fall-out

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analyst Brian Eisenbarth, Collins & Company, on Intel's revenue shortfall