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Intel's home chief: Vista delay no problem

The release of Vista, the new operating system from Microsoft, has been delayed until 2007, throwing the crucial holiday season into doubt for retailers, PC makers and anyone else with a vested interest in selling computers. But Don MacDonald, VP of Intel's Digital Home Group, is not concerned.

Don MacDonald (Credit: Dan Farber/
ZDNet News)

Speaking to a group of CNET editors and reporters Thursday at the company's Santa Clara campus, MacDonald said he was confident that Intel will be able to entice consumers this year with its Viiv technology. Viiv is a PC platform designed to improve the use of photos, video and other entertainment elements in the home.

"I actually think people buy based on innovation, and I think the innovation we have on Viiv is going to be plenty," MacDonald said. Vista is a "wonderful product," he said, but "I don't think we'll be short of exciting things to offer consumers."

On Intel's overall philosophy, MacDonald said, the company has identified six experiences that drive its technology development:

• Escape, which includes activities such as watching movies and manipulating photos.
• Online and virtual communities.
• Advancement, including education or running a small business.
• Communication, based on VoIP technology.
• Love and spirituality, including health and wellness, and even online dating.
• Control, including home control and automation.