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Intel's best-laid plans

roundup The chipmaker outlines its short- and long-term goals at this week's Intel Developer Forum in San Jose, Calif.

roundup Intel outlines its short- and long-term goals at this week's Developer Forum in San Jose, Calif. Some hot topics: new network processors, a parting of ways by desktop and notebook chips, and expansion plans for fabrication plants.

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Intel offers new chip standard for business PCs
Douglas Schenk, product marketing engineer, Intel, and Pat Houston, columnist, ZDNet

Although AMD and Apple are hot on 64-bit chips for desktops, Intel won't go down that path for years, say top researchers at the company.
February 20, 2003

The chipmaker announces three new network processors this week for a market that may finally begin to take off.
February 20, 2003

Three years ago, Intel and the major memory manufacturers formed a group to hammer out future memory standards. Today, there?s just about nothing left of it.
February 20, 2003

Intel plans to release its Prescott desktop chip later this year and follow it in 2004 with a successor code-named Tejas.
February 19, 2003

The chipmaker and the networking company are touting a new device that aims to bridge the gap between PCs and consumer electronics.
February 19, 2003

The processor maker this year will focus on what it does best: cranking out chips and expanding factory capacity.
February 18, 2003

Chips in desktops and notebooks will start to go their separate ways in 2003 with the introduction of two new processor families, Intel says.
February 18, 2003