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Intel talks Sandy Bridge at CES 2011 (live blog)

New chips and plans for new Intel-powered gadgets will likely highlight Intel's CES 2011 press conference tomorrow, and we'll have live coverage.

Here's a look at a Sandy Bridge wafer.
Here's a look at a Sandy Bridge wafer. Intel

Editor's note: This live event has concluded. For a brief rundown of what was announced, check out our summary post here. You can also replay our live blog in the Cover It Live module below.

LAS VEGAS--Intel has already shared a few details about its plans for 2011, but will likely get into a lot more detail today during its CES 2011 press conference.

And this is the place to be, live from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where several tech companies are holding press events Wednesday. You can get our up-to-the-minute updates in the Cover It Live module below. We'll also have a live stream of the event in video form below that.

Intel already spilled the beans on its Sandy Bridge launch, and systems featuring the new combination processor/graphics chip will likely appear during the press conference. Intel is also a major partner in Google TV, and might have a few more things to say about its strategy for that product as well.

Editors' note: The original, barebones version of this story was published January 4 at 10 a.m. PT.