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Intel takes a meeting

Intel introduces a Pentium II-based system for professional videoconferencing designed to deliver a full range of functions.

Intel (INTC) introduced a Pentium II-based system for professional videoconferencing today, designed to deliver a full range of conferencing functions in a single product.

The $9,999 Intel TeamStation system provides a set of tools for use in corporate conference rooms, such as video, audio, and data conferencing, presentation capabilities, and Internet and intranet access. The company also announced a lower-priced version of the product.

The system is based on Intel's 233-MHz Pentium II processor, which includes Intel's MMX technology. The system also uses Intel's ProShare videoconferencing technology and an Intel EtherExpress Pro/100 Ethernet adapter. It also includes a large-screen monitor, full-duplex speaker phone, wireless keyboard and mouse, and an auto-tracking, high-resolution video camera.

A typical business scenario using the TeamStation might be as follows, according to Intel: Meeting attendees begin using their TeamStation system to retrieve the latest copy of a presentation off the network, and then pull in new research data from the Internet. This group work could be done while everyone in the room viewed the documents on a large conference room screen. After updating their presentation, they could use the TeamStation system as their presentation vehicle, projecting the revised report to others in the same room. In addition, Intel said they might connect with a remote site for a fully interactive videoconference, according to the company.

The TeamStation supports several international communication standards, including Microsoft's NetMeeting, allowing it to connect with other videoconferencing systems.

The Intel TeamStations is currently shipping, and MMX-enhanced versions will be available in August, according to Intel.

Intel also announced the new Intel Business Video Conferencing with ProShare technology for desktop PCs. The Intel Business Video Conferencing solution delivers audio, video, and data conferencing over ISDN and LAN (local area network) connections, powered by MMX technology.

The Intel Business Video Conferencing solution supports international communication standards and integrates Microsoft's NetMeeting to deliver new tools for application sharing and data collaboration.

Multipurpose ISDN is included for conferencing and for general-purpose communications when used with third-party software applications for voice calls, remote LAN access, and Internet connections, the company said.

The Intel Business Video Conferencing with ProShare technology for desktop PCs will begin shipping later this month. The $1,199 suggested retail price for the ISDN/LAN desktop solution on Windows 95 includes an audio/video board, ISDN adapter, NTSC camera, headset and microphone, desktop microphone, built-in acoustic echo cancellation, and software.