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Intel spotlights its chip changes

The chipmaker readies speedier Itanium and Celeron processors, shows off a power-boosting innovation known as "hyperthreading" and hits the 2GHz mark.

The company brings new brawn and speed to its lineup of chips. The next version of its server-centric Itanium, for instance, will benefit from a much faster bus, additional microstructures and a more efficient memory cache. Its Celeron chips for low-budget desktops reach 1GHz speeds, and its Pentium 4 processors break the 2GHz barrier. And an innovative technology called "hyperthreading" could allow a single chip to act as two.

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Intel breaks 2GHz barrier
Louis Burns, VP, Intel Architecture Group
Intel offers details on future Itanium chips
The next version, code-named McKinley, will be as much as two times faster when it comes out in test systems later this year.
August 29, 2001 
Intel to inject speed into low-cost PCs
The company will bring 1GHz performance to low-budget PCs with new Celeron chips to be unveiled Friday.
August 28, 2001 
Intel innovation could double chip power
The chipmaker shows off a new technology, called "hyperthreading," that, if successful, will allow one chip to act as two.
August 28, 2001 
PC makers likely to veer from Rambus
Intel is set to ship its 845 chipset, which means Pentium 4 systems can use SDRAM rather than the costlier Rambus memory.
August 28, 2001 
 CNET Radio
Steve Wally is Technology Initatives Manager in the Intel Architecture Group, heading Intel's efforts for ease of use and innovation of PC design and functionality that use the latest technologies. What does that mean? (6:46)  
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2GHz Pentium 4 chips unleashed
The top-of-the-line chip ushers in a new wave of Pentium 4-based PCs, as Compaq, Dell, Gateway, HP and others are expected to offer it in high-performance desktops.
August 27, 2001 
AMD responds with price cuts
Advanced Micro Devices nearly halves the list prices of its Athlon desktop chips, which range in speed from 1GHz to 1.4GHz.
August 27, 2001 
Intel delves into pervasive computing
Computers are on desktops now, but in the future they will be located on tectonic plates, inside of socks and in the middle of forest fires, according to Intel's R&D director.
August 27, 2001 
Intel connects with developers at forum
The Intel Developer Forum will serve as a showcase for the chipmaker and its allies to demonstrate upcoming products and discuss future standards and technological directions.
August 27, 2001 

previous coverage
PC makers feel the need for speed
Nearly every major PC manufacturer on Monday will release new models sporting Pentium 4 chips running at 2GHz and 1.9GHz, according to several sources.
August 23, 2001 
Rebates aim to spur sales
Trying to combat devastatingly slow computer sales, PC makers, retailers and chipmakers are coming together to offer deep discounts on consumer PCs.
August 23, 2001