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Tech Industry

Intel ships 1 million E7000 chipsets

Intel on Tuesday said it had shipped more than 1 million E7000-series chipsets since the first quarter of 2002. The chipmaker launched the first of the family, the E7500 chipset, to accompany its latest Xeon chip for workstations and servers, in February 2002. It later expanded the chipset family with three new members, including the performance-oriented E7501 and E7505 chipsets for servers and workstations, respectively.

The third chipset, the E7205, was designed for less expensive Pentium 4 workstations. A computer chipset, like the E7505, consists of several chips that shuttle data to and from the processor--much like human nervous system transmits signals to and from the brain. Intel plans to continue offering E7000 family through 2004 by launching new models with upgrades including the addition of the PCI Express interconnect and faster double data-rate synchronous dynamic RAM, the company said.