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Intel seeks consumers for MeeGo

Speaking at Computex 2010, Intel's Peter Biddle says he's not worried about attracting developers for the open-source platform. Rather, he said, "we need more consumers."

TAIPEI--Intel has released more details and the deployment road map for the company's MeeGo operating system, highlighting its desire for consumers to start utilizing the open-source platform.

During his keynote here Wednesday at Computex 2010, Peter Biddle, director of Intel's AppUp products and services, noted that while he is "no longer worried" about attracting developers to create content for the MeeGo platform, it is consumer adoption that now preoccupies his thoughts. "We need more consumers," he declared.

MeeGo version 1.0 was unveiled last week and the chipmaker said Netbooks running the OS will be made available via partnering PC makers later in the year.

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