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Intel reportedly brings Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to x86 phones

IDG says the chipmaker has Android 4.1 working on its architecture, although it is unclear when those who have picked up handsets such as the Orange San Diego will get the upgrade.

Android smartphones running Intel processors should soon be able to get upgraded to the 'Jelly Bean' version of the operating system.

Intel is a relative newcomer to the smartphone processor world, and its x86-architecture chips power only a few devices. Most smartphone processors use ARM's architecture, including those in the vast majority of Android phones.

The Orange San Diego is one of two Intel-powered phones in the UK Orange

At the moment, neither of the Intel-powered Android devices in the UK runs Android 4.1, the latest version that is also known as Jelly Bean, because Intel has to modify each version of the OS to run properly on its rarer system. The Orange San Diego runs Android 2.3, and the ZTE Grand X IN Android 4.0.

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