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Intel, Rambus try to control damage

Just days before new Rambus-based computers were set to ship, Intel delays its new 820 chipset and suggests fixes to PC makers.


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Intel officially delays its new 820 chipset, which uses Rambus memory, and suggests fixes to PC makers.

"This is way late in the game, to be doing this the day before."

- Warburg Dillon Read analyst Seth Walker, regarding Intel's chipset delay


Intel delays chipset as Rambus falls more
update As expected, Intel delays the new 820 chipset, and the chipmaker says it is working with PC manufacturers to quickly resolve the problem.

Via gaining clients in wake of Intel-Rambus delay
IBM will announce tomorrow that it is using chipsets from Via for three new systems in the wake of the delay of Intel's 820 chipset.

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Intel to delay new chipset as Rambus reels
update Intel cancels a planned Monday unveiling of a new chipset that would have enabled the first use of next-generation Rambus memory in PCs, sources say.

Costly new Rambus problem stings PC makers
A major problem involving Rambus memory technology could delay for months computers that were scheduled to debut Monday--the problem could force PC makers to throw away critical parts of new high-end computers or face the prospect of shipping potentially faulty machines.