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Intel on the go with chip efforts

roundup The company mulls new branding for its chips used in handhelds and "smart phones," and works with Sun to fine-tune Xscale processors for mobile Java applications.

roundup The company's advances in the market for handheld devices could prompt a new brand name for some Intel processors. The chip giant also plans to work with Sun so Java applications run better on wireless gadgets using Intel's Xscale technology.

The chipmaker is examining whether it should create a separate consumer brand for processors used in handheld devices and "smart phones."
June 9, 2003 

The rivals announce a deal to ensure that each other's mobile products work better together over the next few years.
June 9, 2003 

The giant quietly marks the 25th anniversary of x86, the basic architecture behind the chips that power most of today's PCs--chips that have seen more than 1 billion units shipped.
June 9, 2003 

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A relative newcomer to the handheld field, the company is steadily picking up market share of chip sales as advanced devices require higher performance.
May 15, 2003