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Intel mobile Metro laptop: Razr-thin PC unveiled

We think we may have found a laptop that is actually sexier than the MacBook -- it's called the Intel mobile Metro and it's gorgeous! And nothing to do with the free paper

Intel has been showing off a new laptop that by all accounts is the thinnest in the world. Code-named the Intel mobile Metro, it's apparently less than 18mm (0.7 inches) thick -- about 6mm thicker than a Motorola Razr phone.

It's the result of a collaboration between Intel and US firm Ziba Design. Judging by these pictures, it's absolutely stunning. The working model will probably use Intel Centrino technology, although we're yet to discover what sort of chipset, processor, memory and storage will be employed. One of the few tech certs is the inclusion of Wi-Fi.

The chassis, which weighs a mere 1kg, will be a champagne-coloured magnesium alloy and dotted with subtle gold accents. Intel has also confirmed a clip-on folder for the laptop, which will feature a secondary display. This will use E Ink technology, of the sort used in Sony's Reader, to prolong battery life.

We've no idea if or when it'll reach the market. Intel doesn't actually make laptops (just the bits that go inside them), so we reckon a company such as Asus will take charge of building and selling it, as it did with Intel's Classmate PC.

We're pretty excited by it. Check out the pictures over the following few pages -- you will not be disappointed. -Rory Reid

The design for the keyboard section seems to have been inspired by LG's Chocolate KG800 phone. We doubt Intel has used backlit keys, but the red on black is sexy with or without proper LED lighting.

The Intel mobile Metro laptop will apparently be SideShow-ready. The massive outer screen isn't attached to the laptop itself, but rather an external folder that connects via magnets.

The laptop is incredibly thin. Either that or somebody's made a massive-scale replica of a one-cent coin. Goodness knows how they've managed to fit proper computing bits inside it.

Next to a Motorola Razr, yesterday. Its thinness begs the question: how will they fit a big enough battery to offer a meaningful battery life?

The magnesium chassis and gold highlighting in all their glory. Zuba Design likens the laptop to a piece of jewellery, so we're guessing it's not intended for use in certain parts of North London.

The laptop can come in a variety of different colours and will have a diary-like folder that attaches via magnets. These folders are said to contain a battery that lets you charge the laptop without being near an electrical power outlet. The screens use technology devised by E Ink to reduce battery drain.