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Intel manipulates the news for One Laptop Per Child

An Intel employee has been bagging on OLPC under the guise of impartiality. Slime.

Intel, fine, upstanding corporate citizen that it is, decided the world needed an "independent" news source to cover One Laptop Per Child. So it did. Or, rather, one of its employees did and called it something innocuous like "One Laptop Per Child News."

The hitch? That same employee works on an Intel-sponsored project that competes with OLPC:

You can shrug your shoulders and simply ignore the blog, but Christopher Blizzard, one of the OLPC's contributors and a [former] employee for Red Hat, looked a little bit further. It turns out that one of the site's authors works on an Intel project that is competing with the OLPC. Oops.

A blog is just a blog, right? Wrong. Even if we take that as gospel, it's still a bit slimy for Intel employees to be slurring a competing project under the guise of impartiality. I'm biased, but at least I admit it.