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Intel heart beats inside new Apple iMac

Apple and Intel were once adversaries, locked into a deadly game of cat and mouse. A game with only one winner, in a land where heroes die young. Not anymore

Like a character in a horror film who awakes to discover the hospital has transplanted the heart of a serial killer into her young, innocent body, the iMac desktop computer awoke on 10 January to discover that the heart of its arch enemy was pounding deep in its chest.

Apple gave up on waiting for IBM to produce a worthy successor to the G5 and is introducing the faster Intel chips across its new range. The first desktop Mac to use an Intel processor is this, the new iMac. Arriving much sooner than expected, the new iMacs use 1.83 and 2GHz Intel Core Duo processors with a 667MHz system bus. Graphics are handled by an ATI Radeon X1600 with 128MB or GDDR3 memory. In normal human language: disgustingly fast.

Apple claims a speed increase that is double that of its previous, IBM-based, iMacs. The new iMacs also include a remote control for operating Apple's FrontRow software, and are bundled with iLife '06, which contains iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iWeb and Garageband. The 17-inch 1.83Ghz model is priced at £929 and the 2GHz, 20-inch model at £1,229. Both are available to pre-order at Apple's online store, but they won't ship until next month. Expect a full and succulent review soon. -CS