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Intel Haswell makes your laptop last all day

The successor to Ivy Bridge is official, and it's called Haswell. The processor is 30% more efficient, with a 20 time reduction in standby time.

The successor to Intel's Ivy Bridge processor has been unveiled, and it's called Haswell. And the good news? It's far more efficient, meaning lower power consumption for your computer, saving you money on your 'leccy bill and making your laptop last all day. Good news all round.

Intel took the stage at its Intel Developers' Conference (IDF) to announce the successor to Ivy Bridge. Haswell is already running at a 30% reduction in active power consumption over the Core i5, and it's aiming for a 20 time reduction in standby time. So expect money saving chips coming your way.

The processor won't launch until 2013, by which time that 20 time reduction time should be in full effect, meaning your laptop will last all day, with over 10 hours of standby time. So the days of running out of juice on the go could well be in sight.

A brief demo using a prototype was shown running off a small solar cell, with an animated GIF of a cat, proving Intel knows what we like. It's one of the first announcements to be made at IDF in San Francisco, we'll bring you more as it breaks.

The 22nm core processor has been leaked a few times online, dating back to 2008, and isn't set to launch until 2013. But considering pretty much every decent laptop runs using Intel processors, this could be the first step towards Google Chromebook-style all day performance.

Now, if only Intel could make our phone battery last all day…

So, longer performance and lower electricity bills. Are you excited about the new processor? Or is there a downside? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Image credit: This Is My Next